Kahumana - Connecting Local Growers with Local Markets in Hawaiʻi

Kahumana is a non-profit organization based in Waianae, Hawaiʻi, working to end local family homelessness, support people with disabilities, and lower Hawaiʻi's reliance on imported food. Established in 1974, Kahumana is now one of the largest food hubs in Hawaiʻi, connecting local growers with diverse markets, including Kamehameha Schools.
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About Kahumana

Kahumana is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization operating on 50 acres in Lualualei Valley in Waianae.  Since its establishment in 1974, Kahumana has integrated social services with training venues and social ventures that work toward three goals: 1. Ending Local Family Homelessness, 2. Providing Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, and 3. Lowering Hawaiʻi's Dependence on Imported Food. In 2017, Kahumana launched the food hub with the mission of connecting local growers with local markets. They have grown quickly to be one of the largest food hubs in Hawaiʻi serving a diversity of markets including earlier this year becoming an approved Food Hub vendor for Kamehameha Schools.

Kahumana Highlights
  • Closing on an agricultural easement with the help of Hawaiʻi Land Trust on their 24 acres of farmland
  • Becoming an approved Food Hub vendor for Kamehameha Schools
  • Watching SNAP/Da Bux be the fastest growing segment of their CSA Program
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