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Connecting Farmers and Communities for Sustainable Food Systems with Maui Food Hubs

Explore the Maui Food Hubs, a dynamic network that connects farmers and communities on the beautiful island of Maui. Discover a variety of food hubs that provide essential services such as storage, distribution, and marketing, supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable food systems. Learn how these hubs contribute to the vibrant agricultural landscape of Maui, ensuring access to fresh, locally grown produce and fostering community engagement. Experience the flavors of Maui's bountiful harvest while supporting the farmers who cultivate the island's agricultural abundance.


Sustainable Produce Distribution & Fresh Products in Maui
Local Harvest is the heartbeat of Maui's sustainability, with a focus on local produce distribution to stores, restaurants, and homes. Co-founded by Steve, an advocate for global cooperative-based economies, Local Harvest also offers unique products under the Sattvic Kitchen brand and hosts the Napili Farmers Market. Join us in embracing local.
Bridging Farmers to Consumers for a Sustainable Future
Maui Hub, born out of a response to COVID-19, has evolved into a visionary platform that unites Maui's farmers and consumers. Through an innovative distribution system, it promotes local food production and ensures that even the most vulnerable residents have equitable access to fresh, healthy food. By creating a hyper-local food system, Maui Hub is cultivating an economy that is both sustainable and independent of the tourism industry.