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Embrace Hawaii Island's Rich Agricultural Heritage and Fresh Local Produce

Welcome to the Hawaii Island Food Hubs page, a dynamic network dedicated to local agriculture and fresh, island-grown produce. Hawaii Island's food hubs offer essential services like storage, distribution, and marketing, creating a sustainable food ecosystem. Discover how these hubs strengthen community, promote food security, and connect consumers with nutritious, locally sourced options.


Hawaiʻi's Leading Local Food Distributor
Discover Adaptations Food Hub, Hawaiʻi's premier local food distributor, sourcing a diverse range of unique local products from small and medium-sized farms across Hawaiʻi Island and Maui. Explore their wholesale services, online CSA program, and commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development.
The Food Basket - DA BOX Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Strengthening Hawaiʻi Islandʻs Food Security
Hawaiʻi Islandʻs sole food bank since 1989. Committed to ending hunger, increasing healthy food access, and supporting local farmers.
Revitalizing ʻUlu as a Dietary Staple
Founded in 2016, the Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative is a leading agricultural producer cooperative dedicated to revitalizing ʻulu (breadfruit) as a viable crop and dietary staple. With over 100 family farmers across Hawaiʻi, they offer consistent, high-quality, and sustainable ʻulu products. Discover how this farmer-owned cooperative strengthens food security and fosters a connection to the land through environmentally responsible production methods.
A Leading Food Hub for East Hawaiʻi's Community
Connecting and supporting Hawaiʻi Island farmers, Hoʻōla Farms plays a crucial role in East Hawaiʻi's community as a food hub. From distributing locally sourced produce to providing shared resources like commercial kitchens, Hoʻōla Farms empowers small-scale farmers and enriches the local food system. Explore today!
Local Agriculture Champion in North Kohala, Hawaiʻi
Kohala Food Hub is more than a distributor of locally grown food in North Kohala. It's a mission-based project founded and incubated by the Hawaiʻi Institute of Pacific Agriculture (HIP Ag), focused on food security and support for local farmers. From boosting local production to serving vulnerable populations with free, locally grown produce, KFH is dedicated to fostering community, local economy, and sustainable agriculture in Hawi.
Sustainable Tropical Fruit, CSAs, and Ag Tours in Hawaiʻi
Discover OK Farms, a family-owned sustainable agriculture enterprise in Hawai'i. Explore our wide range of tropical crops, including wholesale tropical fruit distribution, CSA subscriptions, and immersive farm tours with Hawaiʻi Eco Experiences. Join us in supporting local farmers and experiencing the beauty of sustainable farming.