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Support Local Agriculture and Get Access to Fresh Produce on Oʻahu

Welcome to the Oʻahu Food Hubs page, where you can explore a network of dynamic food hubs dedicated to supporting local agriculture and ensuring access to fresh, locally grown produce. These food hubs on the island of Oʻahu provide essential services such as storage, distribution, and marketing to local farmers, fostering a sustainable and thriving food ecosystem. Discover how these hubs contribute to the community, promote food security, and create opportunities for consumers to connect with nutritious, locally sourced food options.


Online Local Food Marketplace & Delivery Service
Farm Link Hawaiʻi is Hawaiʻi's premier online local food marketplace and delivery service, connecting consumers and businesses with locally produced groceries and accepting SNAP-EBT and Double Up Food Bucks on all deliveries.
Connecting Local Growers with Local Markets in Hawaiʻi
Kahumana is a non-profit organization based in Waianae, Hawaiʻi, working to end local family homelessness, support people with disabilities, and lower Hawaiʻi's reliance on imported food. Established in 1974, Kahumana is now one of the largest food hubs in Hawaiʻi, connecting local growers with diverse markets, including Kamehameha Schools.
Local Produce Subscription & Community-based Food System
Oahu Fresh connects members to local farmers and artisans in Honolulu. Led by Matt Johnson, it collaborates with 100+ suppliers to nourish Oahu's community.
Bridging Health & Tradition through Local Produce
Roots Cultural Food Hub in Kalihi champions health through local, organic produce. Supporting 60+ growers, they connect the community via food and tradition.