Maui Hub

Maui Hub: Bridging Farmers to Consumers for a Sustainable Future

Maui Hub, born out of a response to COVID-19, has evolved into a visionary platform that unites Maui's farmers and consumers. Through an innovative distribution system, it promotes local food production and ensures that even the most vulnerable residents have equitable access to fresh, healthy food. By creating a hyper-local food system, Maui Hub is cultivating an economy that is both sustainable and independent of the tourism industry.
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Maui Hub employees prepare produce
About Maui Hub

Maui Hub started as a COVID emergency response, to connect farmers with consumers when their wholesale distribution streams fell apart during the shutdowns. Maui Hub built out their distribution system with an eye on the future, providing immediate COVID support while creating a system that would operate beyond COVID in ways that support a large-scale increase in Mauiʻs local food production well into the future.

Maui Hubʻs mission is two-fold: Create a system that supports growth of Mauiʻs local food economy, making Maui food secure, while ensuring equitable access to fresh healthy food to all of Mauiʻs residents, even our most vulnerable.

Maui Hub is building a hyper-local food system, an economic driver that is not dependent on the visitor industry, and that supports farmers in producing food for our community at costs that are accessible to our workforce.

Offers online ordering, home delivery and drive-thru pick up at 6 locations around Maui

Focused on equitable food access. Accepts SNAP and DA BUX, provides free home delivery to SNAP customers.

Maui Hub Highlights
  • Local Empowerment: Encourages the growth of Maui's local food economy.
  • Community Support: Provides equitable access to fresh food for all residents, including the most vulnerable.
  • Farmer Connection: Acts as a bridge between farmers and consumers, especially crucial during emergencies like COVID-19.
  • Sustainable Vision: Built with an eye on the future to support large-scale, sustainable food production in Maui.
  • Convenient Shopping: Offers online ordering for home delivery or drive-thru pick-up at six locations across Maui.
  • Inclusive Payment Options: Accepts SNAP and DA BUX, and provides free home delivery to SNAP customers.
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