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O.K. Farms Food Hub - Sustainable Tropical Fruit Distribution, CSAs, and Agricultural Tours in Hawaiʻi

Discover OK Farms, a family-owned sustainable agriculture enterprise in Hawai'i. Explore our wide range of tropical crops, including wholesale tropical fruit distribution, CSA subscriptions, and immersive farm tours with Hawaiʻi Eco Experiences. Join us in supporting local farmers and experiencing the beauty of sustainable farming.
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About O.K. Farms Food Hub

O.K. Farms, founded in 2002 by Troy Keolanui and Edmund Olson, is a family-owned and operated agricultural business dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture in Hawai'i. They cultivate a variety of tropical crops, including Lychee, Longan, Rambutan, Citrus, Macadamia Nuts, Coffee, Chocolate, and many more.

In response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, O.K. Farms launched the O.K. Food Hub in 2020. This initiative has successfully distributed over 500,000 pounds of fresh produce. One of their notable programs is the weekly CSA Farm Box, which benefits residents in their town. By collaborating with over 50 other farmers, O.K. Farms Food Hub ensures that over 100 families have access to healthy and fresh food.

Furthermore, O.K. Farms has expanded its operations to include Hawaiʻi Eco Experiences, an agricultural tour company. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy farm tours and foodie experiences, offering a closer look at O.K. Farms' agricultural practices.

O.K. Farms provides various services, including wholesale tropical fruit distribution throughout Hawai'i, CSA subscriptions, value-added products, and agricultural tours. As a family-owned and operated business, O.K. Farms strives to make a positive impact on the community while emphasizing sustainable farming practices.

O.K. Farms Food Hub Highlights
  • Wholesale tropical fruit distribution, CSAs, value-added products, and agricultural tours
  • Family-owned and operated since 2002, with a focus on positive community impact
  • OK Food Hub, launched in 2020, has distributed over 500,000 pounds of produce.
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