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Oahu Fresh: Local Produce Subscription & Community-based Food System

Oahu Fresh connects members to local farmers and artisans in Honolulu. Led by Matt Johnson, it collaborates with 100+ suppliers to nourish Oahu's community.
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About Oahu Fresh

Oahu Fresh is a subscription-based service dedicated to building a community-based food system. Our members have access to fresh produce from local farmers and specialty products from local artisans. Matt Johnson is the founder and CEO of Oahu Fresh, a food hub located in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi that works with over 100 local food suppliers to process and distribute their items throughout the island of Oahu. Johnson is also a lecturer at the University of Hawaiʻi where he teaches agricultural entrepreneurship.

Oahu Fresh Highlights
  • Contributed over $4M in direct sales to local farmers and producers since 2010
  • Delivered over 250K boxes of food to local families
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