Sustʻāinable Molokaʻi

Sustʻāinable Molokaʻi: Advancing Sustainability and Food Sovereignty

Discover Sustʻāinable Molokaʻi, a nonprofit community development corporation dedicated to restoring Molokaʻi island's legacy of ʻāina momona (abundant land) through responsible, modern sustainability strategies and grassroots community-based efforts. Explore their programs focused on food sovereignty, energy sovereignty, conservation, and community planning. Learn about their Mobile Market, farmer training opportunities, food pantry, and local procurement initiatives that support a resilient food system.
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About Sustʻāinable Molokaʻi

Sust’ainable Molokaʻi Food Hub is Molokaʻi’s only online local food marketplace, pick-up, and delivery service, connecting community with local farmers, producing a diversity of groceries, while accepting SNAP-EBT and giving those customers 50% off with DA BUX Double Up Food Bucks and FREE Delivery. 

The primary goal of Sustʻāinable Molokaʻi is to revive Molokaʻi island's heritage of abundant land, known as ʻāina momona, by employing responsible and modern sustainability strategies alongside grassroots, community-based initiatives. Since 2010, Sustainable Molokaʻi has been actively involved in advancing community development in various areas, including food sovereignty, energy sovereignty, conservation, and community planning.

One of their key programs focuses on achieving food sovereignty on Molokaʻi while prioritizing the health and well-being of the local community. They envision establishing a resilient food system on the island and providing support for its growth. Their initiatives include a Mobile Market that accepts SNAP/EBT and offers DaBux, farmer training opportunities, technical assistance for producers, a weekly food pantry, and local procurement for a monthly food bank.

Currently, Sustainable Molokaʻi facilitates marketing opportunities for small-scale farmers who are scaling up their operations. Additionally, they extend support to over 35 local egg producers through the PEEP & Eggs to Market Program.

Sustʻāinable Molokaʻi Highlights
  • Offers weekly home delivery and free delivery for SNAP / DaBux 
  • 3 pickup locations through its online marketplace
  • Provides wholesale marketing opportunities to small farmers who are scaling up
  • Currently generating 100 orders a week
  • Supports 35+ local egg producers through PEEP & Eggs to Market Program
  • Created Kūpuna ʻAi Program that provides a locally sourced produce box for kūpuna in need
  • 300 fed since March 2023
  • Continuously partaking in KauKau For Keiki 
  • Holding monthly farmer’s markets to create multiple opportunities to generate revenue for farmers. 
  • Opening a localvore store that sources only Molokaʻi or Hawaiʻi made products.
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